Organic growth strategies for Instagram

In the near decade, Instagram has gone through several iterations with its feed and app. With each algorithm tweak and new features introduced, companies must remain up to speed. How?  With a steady growth in their account, through trying out new approaches and implementing them to your business.

We will cover organic Instagram growth strategies, but we suggest a consultantion for better results.

What determines success in Instagram?

For many, it’s the number of followers you have and gain. But you need combination of increased account involvement, brand  visibility and effective content  in order to get these new followers.   Why would anyone follow you, otherwise?

Consistency is key

Most posts will not be viral, so you need to find better way to get your posts to your intended audience. Check your schedule, frequency of posting and quality of content. Tuesday to Friday between 10 a.m.  and 3 p.m. are the times for the most consistent engagement.   This time range would be an appropriate place to begin if you have no information yet on your best times. We suggest that you check in on your analytics to find your brand’s most enganging  time ranges.

ZephyR Group SMM team can manage your posts in times when you will have the highest level of commitment based on prior analytics. This can save a great deal of time and your Instagram followers will grow with frequent and consistent work.  Posting on a consistent basis sets the followers expectation to await for the next post. Larger firms are posting several times a day and small companies publish only a few days a week. Make sure it’s a consistent timetable so that followers can be reminded of your business.

Basically, consistency is very important and mainly –  content qualityInstagram feeds have much more noise these days and you have to differentiate yourself.

Instagram followers will grow  with  creating your unique interesting content.


Invest in content production & content diversity

The commitment to feed posts is no longer deferred. It now includes metrics such as story responses, views of IGTV episodes and Story mentions.  Additional content types also mean there are more opportunities to increase your engagement rates therefore your organic Instagram growth can be improved. We recommend you commit to a few stories a week to  establish consistency and plan content for it. With so many ways in which stories are used as a way of growing Instagram followers, this is a chance to see what resonates with your audience.

The level of content and postings can be stressing enough – you have to be consistent and make a steady account growth. It can be too time consuming and requires professional touch, either for content or photos –  you can contact is for support  in this enormous, yet significant job.


Cross-platform marketing

Don’t rely on Instagram only. Though aiming at friends of current followers, consider that other viewers have to tap into it. How often on your other social media platforms do you talk about your Instagram account?

Most people have multiple social accounts and different platforms have unique strengthsso consider offering different types of content on Instagram than on Facebook, and offering exclusive offers or contents to direct followers on other social channels to your Instagram profile.

The purpose of cross-platform marketing is to bring the brand’s existing clients and supporters.  Such followers are easier to win than to advertise to people who might not be familiar with your product.


Increase engagement time

If you have the time, then the best and most proven way to organically expand your Instagram is to actively participate in your profile. It means taking the time to post comments on followers ‘ posts and answering questions. The building of your Instagram community includes the creation of conversations and small chat groups that will connect followers. You are more likely to gain loyal support beyond social media if you can offer your followers more than contests and company announcements. 

There are many ways to organically grow your Instagram.  Some, such as investing in more engagement time, are more slow to achieve results. A combination of the above approaches puts you in a good position to organically and gradually expand your Instagram account.

When using these methods, look at your results to see how your account develops. See what content has been posted and how people deal with as  there will be high peaks at  certain dates. Post-specific strategies such as contests will match high peaks. You should see a growth pattern higher than in previous months after a few months of implementing these strategies.


Contact a consultant for more info and insights regarding SMM.

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