Use Pinterest as a discovery engine

Use Pinterest as a discovery engine to reach millions of potential customers each month


Pinterest is somewhat of a sleeper in the social media world. And though it might not make as much noise as platforms like Facebook or Instagram, its power to help brands connect with consumers is undeniable.

In its S-1 filing ahead of going public, the company shared some insights into how people use the platform:

  • Pinners don’t just dream about their futures; they explore real options and often want to bring their dreams to life. They browse ideas, visit merchant websites and eventually buy products and services; and
  • People seeking inspiration use Pinterest in ways that mirror how they use magazines and catalogs.

So whereas consumers used to flick through magazines to find inspiration, they now turn to Pinterest — and this is why it has become such an incredible discovery engine for brands.


On Pinterest, discoverability is far more important than the number of followers.

Daily Harvest racks up a mouthwatering 4.1m monthly unique viewers on Pinterest — meaning its Pins appear on over four million screens per month, and it does this having just 136 Pins.

Pinterest trends /  Pinterest’s trends for 2019   /

Pinterest is its own positive corner of the internet, the place where more than 250 million people around the world come to discover new ideas to try.

Pinterest trends help your business. This is your chance to get a jump on what’s inspiring people. Ask yourself: What products, services and other ideas can your business spotlight—in your stores or online—to help people bring their dreams to life?

Pinterest made it easy to reach the people who are most likely to be interested in each trend. Just look for the suggested interests to target for each trend. And with Audience Insights, you can see what categories people are into, then tailor your trends accordingly.

In years past, businesses have used these trends to inspire their campaigns, merchandising, even product developmentLike FabFitFun, which used Pinterest’s trends for 2018 to decide which items to feature in its subscription box, or DSW which used Pinterest’s 2018 Pin 100 trends throughout their marketing to drive fashion credibility with their customers.

Pinterest is a discovery engine for brands. People use Pinterest in ways that mirror how they use magazines and catalogs.

Include Pinterest in your social media channels and campaigns. Learn more, contact a consultant.



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