Customer Contact Services

Telemarketing & Telesurveys

We take care of your telemarketing (telephonic prospection, e.g. appointment management, agenda planning) and telesurveys.

How do we proceed?

Based on your input, we prepare a call script; our telemarketers use this script as a guideline, they start the conversation and record - in your or our CRM - as much useful information as possible.

We make every call with a visible Belgian telephone number and every call is automatically recorded, both for internal (coaching / quality control) and external use (control / adjustment by the customer).

We can also handle your Telesurvey actions: a satisfaction survey of your product or service at your customers?

We can execute this survey based on your survey script; we use either our own CRM or, if required, our telemarketers can of course log in on your CRM.

Email Marketing

We do your email marketing: from email template design, uploading of your contact data, sending the emails with a professional cloud-based emailing tool up to follow-up and analysis reporting.

Social Media Management

Everyone can use social media, but successfully advertising on these channels is becoming quite difficult. We zoom in on the social media tools that are most applicable to your business, because every social media channel has its possibilities and limitations.

Depending on the target group you want to reach, we will look at how we can best promote your services.

We execute your social media management so that you can fully focus on your business.

Feel free to contact us for further information.