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How to use the Instagram swipe up feature for your marketing strategy.

The Instagram swipe up feature is a great addition to your Instagram 

marketing strategy if you are  looking to get even more out of  your Instagram presence.

Instagram Story Swipe helps you  to be more creative with your  Stories, resulting in even more  clicks and conversions.

Let’s talk a little more about what this feature is and how it works,  before we dive into how to use it.

What is the Instagram swipe up feature?

Marketers are all too well aware that Instagram doesn’t offer much in theway of adding  links to posts. 

And changing the link in your bio can be difficult , particularly if  you publish multiple times a day and want to connect to various  landing pages. 

Yet accounts that meet the criteria for adding links to their  Instagram Stories will be more  flexible.

Instagram is extremely useful because it helps businesses to promote products, blog posts and sign up accounts.

Once the links to the story are added, the user can either tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen or swipe on the story to reach this link.

Here’s what this looks like:


How to get the Instagram swipe up feature?

Accounts can access the Instagram Story link feature only if they meet certain criteria.

Since Instagram wishes to keep this feature exclusive at this moment, it has set account limits to who can access this feature and add it to its stories.

To use the swipe up Instagram function, your account:

  • Must be an Instagram business profile and
  • You need more than 10,000 followers


  • You have to be verified

That is why celebrities, public figures and brands that have not crossed the 10,000 followers still have access to the desirable Instagram swipe-up feature.


How to add a link to your Instagram Story

Once you have reached the criteria which enables you to access the Instagram swipe-up function,

the link icon appears at the top (fourth from right) of your story editor.

Once taped, a window will pop up which lets you add a link to your story.

Add any link to your website regardless of whether it’s a blog post, an landing page or some curated content, which you share with your audience.

This is also where you enter brand partnership information when you share content that is sponsored.

Tagging your business partner adds a label to your story as a “paid partnership,” but it can also restrict your editing ability.

Click the +Web Link section, add your URL and then tap Done.

By tapping on the Link Icon again, you can easily clear or edit your link or move forward and share your Story with your followers.


Get the most use from the Instagram Story link

Now let’s talk about various ways you can take advantage of this new feature to link to websites from your Instagram account.

Want to promote your recent blog post? Creating a graphic and sharing it on your Instagram Story is a great way to get even more

social traction to your content! Just be sure you’re on top of Instagram’s Story dimensions when you create your visuals.

Remember that not all mobile devices have the same dimensions, so it’s important to create graphics within the right dimensions.

If you’re putting on a virtual event and you’re trying to generate a larger turnout for it, use the swipe up feature to attract registrants.

You probably already have promotional graphics for it, so share your graphics to your Stories and include a link to the registration landing page.

It is incredibly important to get in front of your potential clients, whether you are linking to the selling or servicing page or an information landing page.


You can also easily increase views by sharing a connection on your Instagram Story if you have recently posted a new video on IGTV, YouTube, Twitter or directly on your website.

Trying to grow your email list? Another great use of the Instagram Story link is to encourage lead magnets and email list subscriptions.

Or, invest in Instagram Story ads that will add an easy-to-use signup form directly on swipe, rather than a signup page that users have to navigate through.


Tips to help you maximize story clicks on your website and other promotional material.


First, a call to action should be included in your story.

Whether a video or graph, the swipe up link at the bottom of your story should be brought to your attention.

The stories of Instagram have a lot of stickers, including arrows, gifts and other images, to choose from that which will help to draw attention to your connection.

As with any platform, the more consistently you post, the more reach and engagement you’re going to receive.

If users watch your Stories often, your brand will appear towards the beginning of their Stories feed.

But if you take a long hiatus from posting Stories, you could lose your place in their feed, losing dedicated nviewers and potentially loyal customers.


Once you start working on an Instagram Stories strategy, try to keep up with it so you don’t lose that hard work and viewership.


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