The Best Cheat Sheet on Using Microsites

Creating focused content for the web is the most sought after practice to engage your audience today, which otherwise meander in a noisy, distracting, and highly competitive world of online marketing.  If you are a marketer or a brand and want to upscale your web traffic, the concept of microsite marketing would certainly allure you.

What’s a Microsite?

A microsite is a brand-specific website (or a single web page) that companies use to promote their individual products, events, or campaigns. These are hosted on their own domain or company’s subdomain and have a different URL than their company websites.

These are usually non-application based sites. They would not have eCommerce functionality or an elaborate sales funnel. Instead, they are information-laden sites, aimed at engaging as many users as possible. The content is invariably fun and interaction based on their page(s) that helps their brand(s) in connecting with users.  Furthermore, they do not provide any information about the parent brand (or company). They do not contain web pages like “About Us,” “The Team,” etc.

#1 Launching a New Product

Whenever a new product is ready for a launch, a ton of promotional campaigns are carried out to generate interest and curiosity about it, among potential customers.  These campaigns typically include print media promotions, promotion in exhibitions, social media and email campaigns, and more. The audience of these campaigns, which is interested in knowing more about the product, can be redirected to a microsite that has all the information about the product.  The microsite will influence the audience further, by offering detailed and engaging multimedia content. And since the microsite is completely branded with the product’s characteristics, it will help the audience recall the product more.

#2 Generating Targeted Leads

You can use microsites to capture those leads who already show an interest towards your product (or service). Such leads have a greater chance of converting into customers. Microsites can be a great medium for you to get quality leads.

#3 Targeting Market by Geography

If your business is spread around different geographies, microsites can help you find users from the locations individually. With microsites, you can target users that are looking for products in a specific geography.

#4 Standing Out From The Corporate Brand

There are many brands that do not blend well with the look and feel of their parent companies’ websites. Such brands need their own microsites, which display their individual values and characteristics.

Microsites give freedom in designing a brand-specific experience.

#5 Promoting Events

There are several types of physical events and campaigns that companies regularly organize to enhance their brand presence (or simply, generate business). You can host the details and registrations about an event on a microsite. Unlike a corporate website, microsites will allow you to be as elaborate as required.



Why Consider Microsites?


Marketing driven organizations can utilize microsites for:


  • Targeted Campaigns

They allow brands to deliver highly targeted content to specific segments of their audience.

  • Lead Generation

Microsites can be used to generate high-intent leads for businesses.

  • Brand Awareness

They help brands establish their brand presence on the internet, through their own web space.

  • Virality Potential

Their engaging content help create buzz — word of mouth publicity — around a certain product or event.

  • SEO for Niche Keywords

Microsites can help businesses attain better search engine ranking for particular keywords — using focused content.

  • Easy to Manage

As microsites are created for a targeted campaign, only a small group in your company can dedicatedly work on that. This way you will be able to manage a smaller team better, which is cost, energy, time, and resource-effective.


Microsites are a great way to promote brands and events — separately from their parent brand/company. They offer great freedom to design their web space according to individual brand characteristics, without any restrictions.  Moreover, together with paid search-ad campaigns, microsites can generate targeted leads for your business. 



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