Why are Title Tags still important for SEO ?

A title tag is an HTML element expressing the title of a web page. Title tags appear within the search results for each result and helps users and search engines understand the content of the page.

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Are Title Tags Important for SEO?

To answer the question, yes. Title tags are important for various reasons. Title tags are a major factor in helping search engines understand what the page is about. Even more importantly, they help searchers understand the content on your page, which helps them choose the most appropriate result for whatever their query is. Title tags also appear in the browser tabs (see image above),  and in social shares.

How To Write A Title Tag

1. Conduct Keyword Research

Because title tags are so important to search engines, you should complete your keyword research before crafting one. Once you complete keyword research, you should have a clear understanding of the content and be able to craft a keyword-rich title (without overusing keywords) that describes the content and entices searchers to choose your result.

2. Don’t Write A Title That Is Too Long

Title tags often get truncated in search results at around 550-600 pixel width, which is typically around 65 – 75 characters. So it is recommended to keep your title tag within that character limit to make your results more appealing to searchers.

pasted image 0 114pasted image 0 1163. Keyword Placement

Because you don’t have a large amount of space for your title, it’s important to get your higher-priority keywords closer to the beginning.  Charles Taylor, SEO Manager at Verizon Fios, wrote a small case study the PAGES SEO Magazine that explains this really well.

4. Make Sure Every Page Has A Unique Title

Again, a title is a signal to searchers and search engines what a page is about. By creating unique content with unique titles you can help search engines avoid confusion and showing the wrong page.



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