5 Facebook Ads Tools for Making Creative Design Efficient

Facebook Ads has been doing a great job by introducing new creative formats and placements to the advertisers. However, many advertisers tend to use formats that are easier to produce such as Single Image Ads or Video Ads. While this may be a great starting point but there is a lot more to explore when it comes to diversifying creative formats. In this post, we will look into a few tools available in the Facebook Ads platform that help with speeding up the creative production process.

Creative Hub

This is a good place to start when the goal is to work on developing creative ideas without creating a campaign draft. You (or your designers) can create ad mockups in advance, preview them for different placement, share them with other team members and once ready save them to be used in the campaign production. Using Creative Hub will keep your campaign structure in the Ad Manager neat and clean and at the same time gives you a very streamlined process to collaborate on developing ideas for your upcoming ad designs.

Adding Multiple Text Variations

When it comes to developing multiple ad copy or headline ideas you don’t need to duplicate your ads anymore. Instead, take advantage of this fairly new feature to add multiple Primary Text, Headline and Description options. You get to add up to 5 variations and Facebook uses its machine learning power to optimize the delivery towards the best performing combination. This is currently available for Single Image and Video Ads for Traffic, App Installs and Conversion objectives. This feature is gradually being introduced to all accounts so if you don’t find it in your account just yet, wait a couple more weeks.

Video Creation Kit

Producing video assets can be costly and time-consuming. But video ads are so versatile and engaging. They’re a great source for creating engagement-based retargeting and also lookalike audiences and in most cases, they are less expensive than other formats. An easy way to get started with video ads and turning your static imagery into engaging videos is to use Facebook’s built-in Video Creation Tool. You can use one of the several available templates and customize the overlay text, fonts, and colors. You also get to produce your video in different aspect ratios for different placement specifications so your chances of getting engagements out of each impression will be at their best.

This is also a good workaround when your Single Image Ads have too much text on them and therefore are at risk of getting flagged. You can use Video Creation Tool and turn your talking points into a short and engaging slideshow and at the same time avoid delivery issues for having too much overlay text.

Instant Experience

Formerly known as Canvas Ads, Instant Experience is an interactive and instant-loading addition to your ads. The idea is, the destination of the ad will be an interactive, full-screen experience. You can use one of Facebook’s several templates and customize to get what you need for your design or create one from scratch. An Instant Experience can contain images, videos, slide show, buttons and of course text. It’s a great option if your website loads slow and you lose lots of clicks before they make it to your landing pages. Also, similar to video ads, you can retarget the engagements using a Custom Audience or use it as a source for a Lookalike audience.

Same Ad, Multiple Languages

This is a great option for businesses that advertise their product or services in multiple countries or regions with more than one common language. Prior to the introduction of this feature, you had to create multiple versions of the ad for different markets. In addition to the production overhead, this would also limit the algorithm learnings as ads for each language would reside in different Ad Sets and therefore different Learning Phases. Now, by adding translations of the copy in the same ad we can minimize creative production time, aggregate learnings. You can add up to 49 language variations and for Traffic and Conversion objectives you get to enter language-specific website destinations.


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