Ebook Landing Pages That Get Readers Downloading

We’ve all been told not to judge a book by its cover—but what about its landing page?

When we click a link or ad for any type of downloadable content, it’s the landing page that helps us decide what to do next. Ideally, the choice is clear: fill out the form and get the goods!

But what if it’s not so clear? What if poor messaging and confusing design get in the way? Maybe you click away or go read some other ebook instead.

The hard truth is that getting people to download your ebook can be tricky, even when it’s free.

If you send visitors to a generic web page or fail to communicate the value of downloading, then all of your efforts might be wasted. But the good news is that by improving your landing page, you can encourage more downloads—and, ultimately, generate more leads.


Ebook Landing Page Best Practices for Getting Folks to Download 

When it comes to landing pages for ebooks, what separates the best of ‘em from the rest of ‘em? Our favorite ebook landing pages are designed around one goal: get more downloads.

Want to increase conversion rates? Lower your cost-per-acquisition? Start by following these best practices:

Use a Single, Clear Call-to-Action

What’s at the heart of all top-converting ebook landing pages? A laser-focused call-to-action that serves one clear purpose.

Don’t water down your call to action with secondary links or conflicting messaging. Including more than one call to action splits the visitor’s attention and eats into your conversion rate. In fact, it can reduce conversions by up to 266%.

If you do include more than one CTA (probably because your page involves a decent amount of scrolling), then all roads should lead to download.

Hook Visitors with a Strong Headline

Your visitors need to stick around to convert—and it’s up to you to give them a reason. You only have about 8 seconds to make a strong impression, so your headline is your best chance to hook readers.

A snappy headline is great, but it also needs to be clear about what the topic is. As soon as someone visits your landing page, they should be able to tell that your ebook is relevant to them.

Use Eye-Catching Images

Visually, your landing page should match your campaign, so visitors know they’re in the right place. The first thing they see is your hero shot—so make it count.

Use images on your landing page to draw readers in and provide context. A picture of the physical book or (if it’s digital only) the ebook displayed on a device helps visitors see exactly what they’re getting. A ‘download’ can be somewhat intangible, so seeing it in use on a device can help add value.

Preview the Benefits, Not Just the Content

Optimize by showing off the benefits (i.e., what readers will learn from your book or how it will improve their lives) rather than just telling visitors what the book is about (although, chapter overviews can be a handy way to preview the content if the book is substantial).

Put simply: most of your readers want to know why before they care about what. This is one of those “obvious” rules that some marketers still forget about.

Build Credibility with Social Proof

If ever there’s a time and place to be humble, your ebook landing page is not it. People are more likely to download your ebook if they see that others have already done so (and gotten real value from it).

Reviews from other readers and testimonials from experts are powerful. Plus, 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from a friend. The only caveat here is that any social proof needs to be legit. Your readers will smell B.S. a mile off.

Keep Lead Gen Forms Short and Simple

Gated content shouldn’t be hard to access (or they’d call it…captive content?). Make it as easy for readers to download your ebook by keeping lead gen forms short and sweet. Only ask for as much information as you need. Asking readers to jump through fewer hoops means more downloads.

Ebook Landing Page Example that Convert 

But wait, should all ebooks have landing pages? You bet! Paid, free, long, short—all ebooks are beautiful and deserve their own landing page. This applies whether the ebook itself is the product (like an EPUB file you buy to read on your Kindle) or gated content (like a PDF you download in exchange for your email) that’s part of a larger marketing strategy.



Ebook landing page for Transform
Image courtesy of Transform. 

Who’s behind it?

This vibrant ebook landing page example comes from Transform, a fitness company and app that offers personalized programs (including macro-based meal plans and one-on-one coaching) to help people live their best (and healthiest) lives.

What we love about this page

First of all, can we take a second to acknowledge how on-brand this page feels? (It just looks healthy, doesn’t it?) We love everything from the colors and imagery of fresh produce to the clean lines and easy-to-read, grocery-inspired checklist.

Not only is the hero shot bright and colorful, but it also shows the ebook on a tablet for context. The focal point is the bright red CTA button, which simply reads “Get the ebook.” That’s it—simple, clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

By telling visitors what’s inside the download, this landing page hits on key problems relevant to the target audience and presents clear solutions (i.e., using diet to manage weight loss, build muscle, and develop healthy habits).

Further down the page, we’re greeted with a smiling photo of the authors. Putting a face (or two) to the ebook makes the content feel more approachable—which can be especially powerful for lifestyle and health brands. It allows visitors to see that there are real humans behind Transform’s somewhat aspirational programs.


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